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You are invited to join this limited-enrollment class, open to Intermediate- to Advanced-level ballet students.  Non-members of V Fusion Studio should inform me of their previous dance training.

This workshop can be a rewarding experience for any dancers who will be in the Fox Valley area on this date.  Abigail Simon will showcase her unique style of teaching in an intimately warm setting.

Monetary reservations are required, $60 per individual.

Because Abigail will lead this 2-hour class with a myriad of styles, a worthwhile and memorable opportunity awaits students who wish to supplement their normal studio-training.

While all combinations may seem easy during this workshop, they are certainly challenging.  So, prepare to rigorously hone your technique.  Inspiration is guaranteed!

For workshop reservations or questions, please contact (preferably via email):

Victoria ("Vicky") Waterman, Owner

V Fusion Studio

129 1/2 W. State Street

Geneva, IL 60134

(630) 262-0566

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